Estate Representation

Mary L. Macomber (1861-1916)

Cover of an exhibition annoucement
for Mary Macomber's work at Vose
Galleries, 1913

In 1901 Robert C. Vose visited Waverly, MA to look at Mary Macomber’s work and bought five paintings on the spot. Macomber was the subject of a 1913 one-woman show at Vose Galleries, evidence of the long-standing and warm relationship that bloomed between herself and Robert C. Vose. The Vose history files contain correspondence between the artist and dealer spanning beyond just the years we served as her exclusive agents. Her graceful subject pictures were very popular and the art magazines were constantly seeking them for reproduction in their articles about her. In poor health for much of her life, Mary Macomber passed in 1916. After her untimely death Vose Galleries became the representatives of her estate.