Paul Lacroix (1827-1869)

Paul Lacroix (1827-1869)

French-born Paul Lacroix is thought to have immigrated to the United States sometime in the late 1840s, although he first shows up in the New York City directory in 1855. In 1857, he listed himself as an artist and continued residing in the city until 1866, when he moved to Hoboken, New Jersey. Sadly, he passed away only three years later, resulting in a rarity of pictures on the art market from a painter taken so young at the height of his career.

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The examples that remain reveal Lacroix to be a master of his craft. While he painted the occasional landscape, he found his true calling in the realm of still life and his more elaborate compositions were often compared favorably with the work of Severin Roesen. It is not known if the two artists ever met, but one can assume they found themselves in the same New York art circles in the mid-1850s, before Roesen relocated to Pennsylvania. 

Lacroix exhibited with the National Academy of Design from 1863 to 1869 and with the Brooklyn Art Association in 1867. Today his still lifes can be found in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, Spain, and the Springfield Museum of Art in Ohio, among other institutions.


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