Marcia L. Vose

Marcia Latimore Vose has been a member of the gallery staff for over thirty years and is currently the galleries’ vice-president, responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business. Marcia was responsible for establishing the contemporary realism division, which was inaugurated in 2004 after the galleries’ nearly forty-year hiatus from handling living artists. “Because all of our contemporary shows had been losing money for thirty years, in 1960 we had to abandon our 150 year history promoting living artists”, says Marcia.  “We felt the time was right in the new century, however, to re-launch our efforts, and our contemporary realism exhibitions have been successful right from the beginning.”

“One of my great joys over the years,” Marcia continues, “has been helping people through the process of selecting and displaying art in their homes. Through home visits, where I can see actual colors and spaces, I help clients focus their tastes and suggest paintings that reflect their preferences. It is wonderful to see a person’s face light up as he or she responds to just the right painting. After we hang the perfect painting in the perfect spot and turn on the light, very often the entire room is transformed. That’s an exciting moment!”

 “I have come to believe that humankind’s highest achievement derives from the pairing of creativity and hard work--whether it is writing a novel, developing a new mathematical theorem or applying paint to canvas,” notes the gallerist. “For years our numerous exhibitions, most accompanied by scholarly catalogues, have acted as a magnet for artists, historians, and patrons with the gallery serving as a gathering place to appreciate fine paintings and sculpture. I have enjoyed a great deal of satisfaction sharing this passion.”

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