Exhibition: It's All Relative

Exhibition Information

Kaula 36570 web cover

Coreopsis and Larkspur by Lee Lufkin Kaula (1865-1957), oil on canvas, 18 x 23 inches, signed lower left: Lee Lufkin Kaula

On exhibition August 4, 2018 - September 1, 2018

Our exhibition It’s All Relative explores the relationships that existed among artistic families. The exhibition, showcasing over twenty works of art (including examples by the Benson, Hale and Weir families), will be viewable online and in the gallery August 4th - September 1st, 2018.

Can a father’s influence be seen in the brushstrokes of his son? In a culture of rigidly enforced gender norms and societal expectations, what relation does a husband’s work have to his wife’s? Were brothers supportive of each other’s careers, did they succumb to sibling rivalries, and can you find evidence of this in their painting? For these questions, the answers are particular to each artist’s relationship. They provide new lenses through which we can view their works and understand their lives.This exhibition provides the opportunity to contextualize the personal lives of some of our favorite artists, and think about how they became the painters we know and love today.