Exhibition: Aldro Hibbard and the Artists of the North Shore

Exhibition Information

On exhibition January 23, 2024 - March 5, 2024

Vose Galleries is pleased to present Aldro Hibbard and the Artists of the North Shore, featuring a selection of works by the celebrated Rockport painter Aldro T. Hibbard, alongside examples by his contemporaries, including Frederick J. Mulhaupt, Jane Peterson, Harry Aiken Vincent, and Marguerite Pearson.

Offering an escape from urban life in summer, the Massachusetts coastal communities of Gloucester and Rockport bloomed into lively artists’ colonies in the early 20th century. Hibbard played an integral role in this development, opening the Rockport Summer School of Painting soon after his arrival in town, and later helping co-found the Rockport Art Association (RAA) in 1921. Around the same time, his colleague Mulhaupt was crafting compelling views of the wharves and fishermen at Gloucester, and inspired Emile Gruppe’s own venture to the region, where he began leading classes on Rocky Neck in the 1930s. Many artists frequented both communities, forming strong personal and professional relationships through the RAA and the North Shore Arts Association, while the neighboring towns of Ipswich and Manchester served as creative havens for Theodore Wendel and Charles Hopkinson, among others. The shared experience of summers passed amid the pure light and salted air of the North Shore, and the techniques and varied approaches to art permeating its bustling art enclaves, threaded into the artists’ transcriptions of local scenery as well as into subjects created elsewhere or back home in their urban studios. We invite you to enjoy Aldro Hibbard and the Artists of the North Shore from January 23rd to March 5th in our Newbury Street gallery and on our website.