Over the years, Vose Galleries has produced countless catalogues that highlight works from our exhibitions and provide historical information about American artists. Most of our publications include original research from the Vose archives, a collection of Vose Galleries' records that dates back to our founding in 1841. We have an extensive collection of archival images — both of artwork we've handled, and of the artists themselves. Our comprehensive resource library includes Vose correspondence with artists from as early as the 1860s, many of whose work we continue to handle, and complete exhibition history and sales records. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and insight about the artists and their work. Our annual newsletter, Vose ArtNotes: A Guide for Collectors, has been a favorite among our clients for its teaching articles and scholarly approach.

While we share many of our catalogues in the PDF format that may be downloaded, we are unable to process requests at this time to buy catalogues until the gallery is fully up and running.

Shadow Boxes: Assembled Tales of Fate, Magic, and Wit
Artist: Maureen McCabe
May 2005
19 pages; 19 color plates

Brilliant: The Pastels of Janet Monafo
Artist: Janet Monafo
September 2008
4 page foldout; 15 color plates

Moore 1990 91

Nelson Augustus Moore
Artist: Nelson Augustus Moore

Essay by Anne Schmoll

Nov. 1990
20 pages; 14 color, 14 b&w plates

Moore 1966

Mid Nineteenth Century Landscapes
Artist: Nelson Augustus Moore
Feb. 1966
20 pages; 15 b&w plates

Moore 1971

Mid Nineteenth Century Landscapes, Exhibition II
Artist: Nelson Augustus Moore
May 1971
18 pages; 16 b&w plates

Mulhaupt  frederick j

Frederick J. Mulhaupt
Artist: Frederick J. Mulhaupt
Jan. 1978
10 pages; 1 color, 6 b&w plates

George l

George Loftus Noyes and Charles H. Woodbury
Artists: George Loftus Noyes,
Charles H. Woodbury
July 1987
8 pages foldout; 10 color, 8 b&w plates

Celebrating Elliot Offner: Air, Land, Sea
Artist: Elliot Offner

Essays by Craig Felton, Gwen Pier and Robin Salmon

October 2007
25 pages; 40 color, 1 b&w plates

Remembering Elliot Melville Offner (1931-2010)
Artist: Elliot Offner

Essays by Marcia L. Vose, Robin R. Salmon and Daniel Offner

November 2012
18 pages; 16 color plates

The Dover Studio
Artist: Constance B. Pach
May 2007
18 pages; 46 color plates

Maxfield parrish

Maxfield Parrish
Artist: Maxfield Parrish
Oct. 1977
20 pages; 6 color, 12 b&w plates

Stephen parrish 1982

Stephen Parrish
Artist: Stephen Parrish

Essay by Maxfield Parrish

Sep. 1982
17 pages; 7 color, 9 b&w plates

Wisdom and Wit: The Art of Virginia Precourt
Artist: Virginia Strom Precourt
Fall 2004
23 pages; 36 color plates

Duets: Theme and Variations, New Paintings by Warren Prosperi
Artist: Warren Prosperi

Essays by Marcia Vose and Alice W. Flaherty, MD, PhD

Spring 2011
24 pages; 25 color plates


Charles Roussel
Artist: Charles Roussel
Sep. 1990
20 pages; 13 color, 12 b&w plates

Roussel 1993

Summer Light on the Opal Coast
Artist: Charles Roussel
Jul. 1993
5 color, 1 b&w plates

New Horizons
Artist: Carol Rowan
May 2007
14 pages; 21 color, 20 b&w plates

Alice schille 1982 watercolors

Artist: Alice Schille

Essay by James Keny

July 1982
20 pages; 16 color, 16 b&w plates


The Evocative Line: Preparatory Sketches for "Israel and the Law"
Artist: John Singer Sargent

Essay by Mary Crawford-Volk

Sept.-Oct. 2004
18 pages; 39 b&w plates

Russell smith 1979

New Hampshire Landscapes 1848-50
Artist: Russell Smith
Jan. 1979
16 pages; 1 color, 42 b&w plates

Russell smith 1981

Views of Europe 1851-1852 and later
Artist: Russell Smith
Feb. 1981
16 pages; 1 color, 106 b&w plates

Xanthus smith 1997

Scenes of the Civil War and Beyond: Rare Civil War Naval Views, Marines and Landscapes
Artist: Xanthus Russell Smith
Sep. 1997
8 pages; 16 color, 1 b&w plates

Sonntag 1970

William Louis Sonntag and William Louis Sonntag Jr.
Artists: William Louis Sonntag,
William Louis Sonntag Jr.

Essay by William Sonntag Miles

Sep. 1970
12 pages; 15 b&w plates

Poetry of Hand and Spirit
Artist: Polly Thayer (Starr)

Essay by Dorothy Koval

Sep. 2001
20 pages; 40 color, 15 b&w plates

Centennial Exhibition: A Celebration of the Artist's 100th Birthday
Artist: Polly Thayer (Starr)
Nov. 2004
36 pages; 64 color, 16 b&w plates

Carved from darkness  carved from light

Carved from Darkness, Carved from Light, A Selection of Works on Paper
Artist: Polly Thayer (Starr)
June-Aug. 2003
33 pages; 15 color, 33 b&w plates

TEASE: The art of Michael Theise
Artist: Michael Theise
Nov. 2005
24 pages; 34 color plates

Titcomb fenway studios

Mary Bradish Titcomb and Her Contemporaries: The Artists of Fenway Studios, 1905-1939
Artist: Mary Bradish Titcomb

Essay by Nancy A. Jarzombek

May 1998
54 pages; 97 color, 18 b&w plates
$40 hard cover, $25 soft cover

Walter 1992

Martha Walter
Artist: Martha Walter
Jul. 1992
8 page foldout; 6 color, 3 b&w plates

John Ferguson Weir (1841-1926) and the Weir Family Legacy
Artist: John Ferguson Weir

Essay by Betsy Fahlman

April 2013
33 pages; 20 color plates