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Over the years, Vose Galleries has produced countless catalogues that highlight works from our exhibitions and provide historical information about American artists. Most of our publications include original research from the Vose archives, a collection of Vose Galleries' records that dates back to our founding in 1841. We have an extensive collection of archival images — both of artwork we've handled, and of the artists themselves. Our comprehensive resource library includes Vose correspondence with artists from as early as the 1860s, many of whose work we continue to handle, and complete exhibition history and sales records. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and insight about the artists and their work. Our annual newsletter, Vose ArtNotes: A Guide for Collectors, has been a favorite among our clients for its teaching articles and scholarly approach.

While we share many of our catalogues in the PDF format that may be downloaded, we are unable to process requests at this time to buy catalogues until the gallery is fully up and running.

Building Connections: Works from the Haynes Family Foundation
Artists: Charles C. Allen,
Edouard Leon Cortes,
Thomas Crotty,
Montague Dawson,
John J. Enneking,
Walter Farndon,
William Mark Fisher,
Arthur C. Goodwin,
Donald C. Grant,
James Jeffrey Grant,
John Frederick Herring, Jr.,
Aldro T. Hibbard,
Edgar Hunt,
Frederick Richard Lee,
Hermann Dudley Murphy,
Charles Roussel,
Laurence P. Sisson,
Mary Bradish Titcomb,
William Allen Wall
June 2018
32 pages

Turning Tides, Changing Light: New Work by Don Demers
Artist: Donald Demers

Essay by John Stobart

Dec. 2010
24 pages; 33 color plates

Donald Demers- Coast to Coast: American Art Colonies Revisited
Artist: Donald Demers


Digital Catalogue

Donald Demers Coast to Coast - American Art Colonies Revisited



November 2023

Exhibition of Selected Paintings
Artist: John J. Enneking
October 1922
10 pages; 6 b&w plates

The First Comprehensive Exhibition of his Work in 35 Years
Artist: John J. Enneking
Feb. 1962
6 pages; 10 b&w plates

The Moods of New England
Artist: John J. Enneking

Essay by Marcia Vose

Nov. 2009
12 pages; 15 color plates

Introducing John Enser: Scenes of New England
Artist: John F. Enser
May 2003
6 pages; 21 color, 1 b&w plates

Landscapes by John Enser: Exhibition II
Artist: John F. Enser
May 2005
7 pages; 24 color, 1 b&w plates

New England Landscapes: Exhibition III
Artist: John F. Enser
Spring 2007
6 pages; 22 color, 1 b&w plates

Exhibition III
Artist: Walter Farndon
Sept. 1994
24 pages; 28 color, 2 b&w plates

Exhibition V
Artist: Walter Farndon
May 2006
6 page fold-out; 9 color plates

Exhibition VI
Artist: Walter Farndon
Nov. 2013
24 pages; 34 color

Charles Hawthorne and Jerry Farnsworth: A Provincetown Legacy
Artists: Jerry Farnsworth,
Charles Webster Hawthorne

Essay by Rachel Beaupre

Nov. 2008
20 pages; 5 b&w, 22 color plates

Exhibition of Landscapes
Artist: R. H. Ives Gammell
Feb. 1987
8 page fold-out; 7 color, 7 b&w plates

Oils and Pastels
Artist: Arthur C. Goodwin
Oct. 1998
8 pages foldout; 7 color, 2 b&w plates
(currently unavailable)

A Common Influence
Artist: Robert Grady
July-Sept. 2004
10 pages; 12 color plates

James Jeffrey Grant and his North Shore Contemporaries: Cape Ann Painters During the 1930s and 1940s
Artist: James Jeffrey Grant

Essay by Nancy Jarzombek

Oct. 2005
48 pages; 58 color, 5 b&w plates

James Jeffrey Grant: The Lure of Gloucester, Exhibition II
Artist: James Jeffrey Grant

Essay by Elizabeth Vose

May 2008
16 pages; 29 color, 3 b&w plates

Garden Masterpieces
Artist: Abbott Fuller Graves

Essay by Rebecca W. Davidson

Oct. 2001
28 pages; 20 color, 7 b&w plates

American Impressionist
Artist: Walter Griffin
20 pages; 60 color, 40 b&w plates

Full Spectrum: New Works by Liz Haywood-Sullivan
Artist: Liz Haywood-Sullivan
October 2011
32 pages; 40 color plates

Traveling Light
Artist: Liz Haywood-Sullivan
October 2007
17 pages; 30 color plates
(currently unavailable)

Dancing Light: Changing Seasons
Artist: Liz Haywood-Sullivan

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September 28, 2019 - November 9, 2019

Aldro T. Hibbard: The Lure of Winter
Artist: Aldro T. Hibbard

Essay by Courtney S. Kopplin

November, 2017
16 pages